Top Nature Photography Instagram Accounts

Top Nature Photography Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a great platform to discover stunning nature photography and get inspired by talented photographers. Here are some top nature photography Instagram accounts you should follow:

Top Nature Photography Instagram Accounts
Top Nature Photography Instagram Accounts

@natgeo (National Geographic)

National Geographic’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of incredible nature photography. Featuring work from various photographers, it showcases breathtaking landscapes, wildlife, and cultural images from around the world.

@paulnicklen (Paul Nicklen)

Paul Nicklen, a photographer and marine biologist, captures stunning images of the Arctic and its wildlife. His account is filled with powerful and beautiful photos that highlight the importance of conservation.

@chrisburkard (Chris Burkard)

Chris Burkard is known for his adventurous spirit and stunning outdoor photography. His Instagram feed features breathtaking landscapes, often captured during his travels to remote and extreme locations.

@jimmy_chin (Jimmy Chin)

Jimmy Chin is an acclaimed photographer and filmmaker who combines his passion for climbing and the outdoors with his photography. His Instagram account showcases awe-inspiring images of mountains, climbers, and natural landscapes.

@stevemccurryofficial (Steve McCurry)

Steve McCurry, known for his iconic “Afghan Girl” photograph, shares a wide range of compelling images on his Instagram. His account features powerful portraits and stunning landscapes from his travels around the world.

@alexstrohl (Alex Strohl)

Alex Strohl’s photography captures the beauty of nature and the spirit of adventure. His Instagram feed is filled with breathtaking landscapes, often featuring mountains, lakes, and vast wilderness.

@artwolfe (Art Wolfe)

Art Wolfe is a renowned photographer known for his diverse and stunning nature photography. His Instagram account showcases incredible images of wildlife, landscapes, and indigenous cultures.

@joelsartore (Joel Sartore)

Joel Sartore, a National Geographic photographer, is on a mission to document every species in captivity through his Photo Ark project. His Instagram feed features striking portraits of animals, highlighting their beauty and the need for conservation.

@mattiasklumofficial (Mattias Klum)

Mattias Klum is an environmental photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on the beauty and fragility of nature. His Instagram account features stunning images from his expeditions around the world.

@christophejacrot (Christophe Jacrot)

Christophe Jacrot’s photography captures the mood and beauty of nature in various weather conditions. His Instagram feed features hauntingly beautiful images of rain, snow, and foggy landscapes.


Following these top nature photography Instagram accounts will fill your feed with awe-inspiring images of the natural world. Each photographer brings a unique perspective and style, offering endless inspiration for your own photography adventures.