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Trail Beta for the John Muir Trail

The JMT is roughly 207.5 miles long, from Happy Isle to Mt. Whitney. But you still have to get to Whitney Portal to get off the trail so it is actually 213.5 miles. The trail follows lush meadows and high alpine tundra through the Sierra Nevada of California. (The mileage is from “The John Muir Trail” by Don and Roberta Lowe). I am planning this trip for 2006 and probably will not get to do it until 2007. This gives me plenty of time for planning. Also, the maps are organized from South to North, this is because that is the way I am section hiking the PCT.

Excellent information and books about the JMT can be found at:

JMT Topo Map Series

This series of free JMT Topo maps has UTM coordinates and grids and can be viewed on line, printed or the entire series downloaded.

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