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OTT01This site will help you plan and achieve hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing and fishing. Just get out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Pacific Crest Trail – Journals, Pictures, and Maps about the Trail
John Muir Trail – Trail Beta for the premier trail in the world!
Outdoor Adventures – The list below is just a few of the trips that OTT has trail information and maps for planning and enjoying you trip!

Gear used by OnTheTrail:

Gear Checklist – use this list for backpacking trips
Gear Providers –   recommended outdoor equipment

Other useful and fun stuff:

Hiking and PCT Resource – Links to many useful sites
Wilderness First Aid – Know what to do is the best first aid
Moon Phase Chart – If you want to hike at night this is a good chart to find the full moon
You may need to know a few knots on the trail to make the trip more enjoyable
Here is a link that keeps track of all Fire related incidents and keeps track of fighting progress and acres involved: InciWeb
Other links – These are some of the sites I frequent.